I have always had the courage for the new things life offers”

Wallis, Duchess of Windsor

Welcome to the World of Wallis, a website devoted to the life of the late Duchess of Windsor.

In 1936, Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson was catapulted into the spotlight as her romance with King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland became public. The Abdication Crisis of 1936 stunned an Empire as Edward VIII gave up his Crown for the woman he loved. As the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the couple lived in exile for the rest of their lives but they remained figures of fascination for millions.

It is the Duchess who perhaps intrigues us most. Surrounded by rumour, targeted by gossip, she endured throughout and became renowned for her elegance, charm and style. Robbed of her rightful status, shunned by the British Royal Family, Wallis remained unbeaten. She stepped out onto the world’s stage and with each passing decade she continued to captivate.

Since her death in 1986, much has been written about the Duchess of Windsor. Here at the World of Wallis, we explore the life and times of a truly remarkable woman through interviews, newspaper articles, biographies and movies. This website is an attempt to showcase the real Wallis, the Wallis so many were not allowed to see back in 1936, the Wallis who was so loved by a King that he renounced an Empire for her.

The Duchess of Windsor
In Loving Memory of Her Grace the Duchess of Windsor
(1896 – 1986)

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