Wallis on Film: The Crown, Part One

As fans of The Crown eagerly await the release of the fourth season of Netflix’s hugely successful royal drama, we have a perfect opportunity for another installment of Wallis on Film. For those who haven’t yet seen the series, The Crown is a lavish portrayal of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and takes inContinue reading “Wallis on Film: The Crown, Part One”

The Windsor Archive: The Day the Queen said Goodbye

In 1972, Britain was about to embark on a course that continues to dominate it’s political landscape. The Conservative government, led by Prime Minister Edward Heath, was about to pass the European Communities Act which would make legal provision for the UK’s accession to the European Economic Community. The ‘Special Relationship’ between the USA andContinue reading “The Windsor Archive: The Day the Queen said Goodbye”

The Windsor Style: Wallis and the Lobster

Nearly 34 years after her death, the Duchess of Windsor continues to be celebrated for her sartorial style. Indeed, just this week British Vogue featured a catalogue of her most iconic looks. Wallis has become synonymous with haute couture and fashion houses such as Givenchy and Mainbocher still proudly cite her as a former client.Continue reading “The Windsor Style: Wallis and the Lobster”

The Windsor Archive: Life with the Duke

In 1945, the Windsors found themselves awaiting word from the British government that their time in the Bahamas had officially come to an end. The Duke had been appointed Governor of the Bahamas in 1940, the one and only time in his post-abdication life that his family sanctioned any kind of official post for him.Continue reading “The Windsor Archive: Life with the Duke”

Interview: Memories of the Duchess with Richard René Silvin

Of the many books written about the Duchess of Windsor, very few have been written by those who actually knew her. Richard René Silvin is an American historian, lecturer and author of (among other titles) Noblesse Oblige: The Duchess of Windsor As I Knew Her. Not only is he an expert on the Duke andContinue reading “Interview: Memories of the Duchess with Richard René Silvin”

The Windsor Collection: The Magic of Brooches, Part Two

Today we conclude our two part series on six of the fabulous brooches owned the Duchess of Windsor. You can find Part One by clicking here. In the previous installment, we focused on three beautiful Cartier creations but Cartier wasn’t the only jeweler to provide Wallis with glitter. Her other favourite designer was of course,Continue reading “The Windsor Collection: The Magic of Brooches, Part Two”

The Windsor Library: A Reading List

Since I started the World of Wallis project, the most frequent question I’m asked is “Which books about the Windsors can you recommend?” With this in mind, I have put together the following as a reading list. Please note, this only includes non-fiction works at present and some are sadly out of print but generallyContinue reading “The Windsor Library: A Reading List”

The Windsor Collection: The Magic of Brooches, Part One

In 1957, LIFE magazine asked the Duchess of Windsor (by then renowned for her love of jewellery) what she felt were the most essential items a young lady should have in her collection. “You can never learn too early the magic of pins or brooches”, Wallis answered, “They’re so versatile. You can breathe new lifeContinue reading “The Windsor Collection: The Magic of Brooches, Part One”

The Windsor Collection: A Tale of Two Necklaces

When we think of the Duchess of Windsor and her extravagant collection of jewels, most of us are immediately drawn to her fabulous flamingo brooch with its ruby, emerald and sapphire feathers or her striking amethyst, diamond and turquoise bib. But among these elaborate and quirky pieces are more classic items which we usually associateContinue reading “The Windsor Collection: A Tale of Two Necklaces”

The Wallis Archive: Wallis, The Musical?

It may be almost 84 years since the Abdication but interest in the Duke and Duchess of Windsor is enjoying a resurgence. The Netflix drama The Crown has brought their story to the attention of a new audience inspiring a flurry of new documentaries which fill TV schedules around the world. David and Wallis haveContinue reading “The Wallis Archive: Wallis, The Musical?”