Opinion: Two Very Different Duchesses

A Prince with strong opinions and a firm conviction to do things differently. An American divorcee with a naive understanding of the ruthlessness of the Firm. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? It was inevitable that when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their intention to step down from royal duties last night, comparisons would beContinue reading “Opinion: Two Very Different Duchesses”

The Wallis Archive: Cooking with the Duchess

At the height of the Edwardian era a troubling rumour was sweeping through the dusty drawing rooms of Belgravia, a rumour which shocked and delighted in equal measure. It was said that just a few days earlier at Buckingham Palace, Queen Alexandra had taken an unprecedented move which ruffled the feathers of many an ancientContinue reading “The Wallis Archive: Cooking with the Duchess”

The Windsor Collection: The Mystery of Queen Alexandra’s Emeralds

Of the many loves attributed to the Duchess of Windsor during her lifetime, one is beyond doubt the most obvious. Whilst she clearly adored both her Prince and her pugs, jewels were a huge part of the Windsor story. When Wallis died in 1986, ravenous collectors could hardly contain their excitement as it was confirmedContinue reading “The Windsor Collection: The Mystery of Queen Alexandra’s Emeralds”

The Wallis Archive: The Day the Emperor came to tea

In October 1971, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were still reeling from the surprise of one royal visit when they immediately began to prepare for another. The first had come from the Prince of Wales, then a young man of 24, who’s contact with his Uncle David and Aunt Wallis had been severely restrictedContinue reading “The Wallis Archive: The Day the Emperor came to tea”

The Wallis Archive: The Duchess and the Suffragette

In April 1937, Wallis was residing at the Château de Candé in the Loire Valley as a guest of Herman and Katherine Rogers. Until her divorce from Ernest Simpson was made final with a decree absolute, her communication with the former King (at this time staying at Schloss Enzesfeld in Austria with friends Eugen andContinue reading “The Wallis Archive: The Duchess and the Suffragette”