The Windsor Archive: Life with the Duke

In 1945, the Windsors found themselves awaiting word from the British government that their time in the Bahamas had officially come to an end. The Duke had been appointed Governor of the Bahamas in 1940, the one and only time in his post-abdication life that his family sanctioned any kind of official post for him.Continue reading “The Windsor Archive: Life with the Duke”

The Windsor Collection: The Magic of Brooches, Part Two

Today we conclude our two part series on six of the fabulous brooches owned the Duchess of Windsor. You can find Part One by clicking here. In the previous installment, we focused on three beautiful Cartier creations but Cartier wasn’t the only jeweler to provide Wallis with glitter. Her other favourite designer was of course,Continue reading “The Windsor Collection: The Magic of Brooches, Part Two”

The Windsor Collection: Portrait of a Duchess

For many, the legacy of the Duchess of Windsor is her status as a style icon, a reputation earned predominantly through her love of French fashions and her exquisite taste in jewellery. But she was also renowned for her flair for interior design and those who visited the Windsors at their Parisian villa at 4Continue reading “The Windsor Collection: Portrait of a Duchess”

The Wallis Archive: The Day the Emperor came to tea

In October 1971, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were still reeling from the surprise of one royal visit when they immediately began to prepare for another. The first had come from the Prince of Wales, then a young man of 24, who’s contact with his Uncle David and Aunt Wallis had been severely restrictedContinue reading “The Wallis Archive: The Day the Emperor came to tea”